Insurance Information


Most of our services are covered by almost all major insurers. There are, however, some therapies which some insurers do not cover, including certain forms of birth control, hormone replacement therapies, and weight management therapies. If you are concerned about coverage, ask your insurer, or check with our staff prior to your appointment.

When your care is covered by insurance, we will ordinarily collect from you, at the time of service, your co-payment, and any amounts within your deductible. Generally, we are obligated to your insurer to collect such amounts, and cannot waive them. If you have questions about your co-pay or deductible amounts, you may want to contact your insurer directly prior to your appointment.

For patients with insurance, we will work with you and your insurer to identify amounts that will be covered by your insurance, and to identify the portion of the fees for which you are responsible. However, your coverage is a contractual matter between you and your insurer which we do not control, and you will be required to pay all portions of our fees for which you are responsible under your insurance agreement.

For those patients without insurance, we generally offer a cash discount.

Insurance companies covered
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Medicare
  • Tri-Care / Tri-West
  • United Health Care
  • Many Others